Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lander & Kaylie's Engagements {Wheeler Farm}

I was so excited to take Lander & Kaylie's engagements, it was such a perfect day! The lighting was so dreamy, and they were disgustingly adorable with each other. They wanted something a little rustic and also a place where they could get a little fancier. Although was not psyched about wheeler farm since it is used very often, it has a lot of options and ended up being perfect for what we were looking for. I was glad we ended up going there! Lander is so lucky to have an amazingly beautiful and down to earth fun chick like Kaylie by his side!


Terra Cooper said...

Beautiful light! Love the Spiderman kiss and such gorgeous locations!!

k e a l a said...

That light is so yummy and they look so sweet together! Great job!