Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Family of Four

We had so much fun during this session! We threw rocks, drew in the dirt, raced each other, shared tickles and toots (which made for some good laughs)  Family sessions tend to be a stress on the parents, especially Mom. They kept asking me "Is this normal, or are my kids unusually crazy?" I wish they knew how many times I get asked that question....pretty much every family session I shoot, the parents are embarassed by their children. Even when I get my own family pictures taken, I think to myself... "Why do they act up when it's picture time?!" So I tell you, you are not alone! That is the beauty of it though. I love to capture that chaos and show you that these are the things that you will want to remember. To look back and laugh, and miss when it's gone! Capture the crazy and revel in it, because this my friends is what it's all about!  

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