Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mick's Birth Story

When I got the call for Mick's birth, his Momma said over the phone that she was already at a 9! I dropped my kids off at the sitters and rushed over (I think I was still in my jammies)  Well turns out she was at a 9 for like 2 more hours haha, lucky for me that I didn't miss it though! We had some good conversation, I always get so excited when it comes time for baby to finally get here. Mick was so sweet, he immediately tried to open his eyes and check out his surroundings. He had the cutest upper lip too, he was just so stinking cute! A birth is always a special experience, but this was Alycia and Brock's first baby. So it was that much more important to them, I am so glad that they let me share in this life changing day with them!

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