Saturday, March 19, 2016

What Makes This House a Home

I get excited before every shoot, even more so when it's for a fellow photographer. Jessica Haderlie is the talent behind Jessica Haderlie Photography. She's so awesome she made Clicking Mom's 100 photographers to watch in 2016! She contacted me about doing a lifestyle film of her sweet family. I love video so much, I love how it captures all of the expressions and sounds. Finding a song that depicts the feeling of the film is sometimes a difficult task, but when I heard the song "What Makes This House a Home" by Holly Maher, it just made sense!  A photograph says 1000 words, but video tells the whole story. All of the little laughs and those angelic voices that you'll surely miss once they've grown. I strive to capture all of the moments that make your heart melt and even those things that drive you crazy. Because believe it or not, you will look back and smile at every silly, sweet, annoying, and adventurous thing they did.  I truly feel that everyone should invest in a lifestyle film if not every year, at least just once. It really is one of the most treasured things that you will own!
A Home from ShaiLynn Draper on Vimeo.

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